The Life in my Stilettos

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – M.M.

Yum Yum…

Last night I went on a spree and actually did some cooking.

I decided to cook a curry sauce with red beans and top it over striped chicken breasts and vegetables.

Moo couldn't have any because I used onion

Mooshi wasn't impressed I had forgotten about him and used onion.

This creation is what I have for lunch now today, and I’m glad today is my last day in the office after my holidays last week.  A beautiful three-day week.  Who can say no to that?


Dinner last night, and my lunch...

It was very good and quite spicy.  Best part of all? I used absolutely no salt in the veggies or chicken.  The curry had lots of spices in it but as for salt – I added none. Mmm Mmm… I can’t wait to start using the vegetables that I have in my garden.  Apparently I still have at least fifty days to go though until I see something edible.  So worth the wait  – I must remind myself to pick up a hanging strawberry bush, as my dessert was lacking the red goodness.


Where did all the strawberries go?

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