The Life in my Stilettos

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – M.M.

Summer fun

And with Canada day came days and days of gardening.
Cutting down some pesky trees, later used as fire wood.  Trimming of shrubs and extremely large bushes – ones I would actually classify as trees.  The cleaning and heating of the swimming pool.

Yesterday we turned the back yard into half of the paradise I’d ever imagined it to be.  No, it’s not done yet.  Is anything ever really done?  But it looks damn good.

After gardening, enjoying a sausage BBQ, and gardening some more, I retreated to the kitchen and made Blue Hurricane slushy alcoholic drinks.  With lots of rum from Cuba.  They weren’t ready yesterday – but I have a feeling, a large itch that they are ready and waiting for cool glasses and some sliced fruit.  Of course, after making the drinks and realizing they would take 24 hours to be ready, I started gardening again and decided to go buy a fire pit, along with some top soil.  I found a cute round shaped fire pit at a store for under 60 dollars.  It should last a long time.  I think I did good.
After all of that gardening and shopping, I decided a steak BBQ was a must and I marinated two of the best steaks I have ever made.  Thank goodness Boyfriend likes them as rare as I do.  See pictures, and please don’t be scared of the blood.

Steak dinner

It was cooked, I swear

Luckily, my back yard has a small path-like forest running through the back of it so we were able to find lots of different brush to use for our fire.  Even though we ate way too many sausages, hot dogs, steaks and s’mores last night it was worth it.  So worth it.  Moo loved it too.  We all stayed up later that I’ve stayed up in a while.  I let Mooshi eat some of the steak, and he had a small piece of bread from the sausage barbie.

Marshmellows and wood.

Love roasting marshmellows and hot dogs.

And when it came down to the s’mores, we enjoyed this chocolate the best.  I bought every different bar of chocolate in Cuba, because I like candy and I had several in the freezer and we tested them all in s’mores.  So winner of the bunch is the dark cacao chocolate!

Chocolate negro

Torra's dark chocolate

Today there will be a fam jam at my house, and I will write another blog later this afternoon on the Blue Hurricanes and whatever else pops up at the fam jam.  I am guessing something about child safety near the pool.  Or top ten ways to get a child to stop running around the pool. Cheerio!

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