The Life in my Stilettos

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – M.M.

The skinny

I have been off of my Tuesday work shift for over four hours now, and I still have my Macbook sitting in my lap.  I’ve been reading and searching and looking for hours.  I’ve been looking for other blogs that have similar interests to mine.  I have been looking for online friends to share these online endeavours with.  To play Second Life with, or to make silly faces on iChat with each other.  Girls and gays only please, Boyfriend dislikes sharing.

You would think I would have a splitting headache by now.  Monitors by day, monitors by night.  There is no second life for me.  No alias.  I have so many characters in me and yet we all have to share the same body, same life.  And time – where is that going?  I’ve been saying all year that my life needs an extra 24 hours in a day, just to complete everything I need to do on my list.  Who needs sleep?

Ok, I lied.  I do.

But really, this time thing has got to stop, or at least slow down or something.  I feel as if it should be March or April (hence the hot weather).  Not July, heading right for August.  I’m not sure what’s going on here, and I’m not sure if it’s the heat or now – speeding things up and all – but I’m not sure I like it either.  Or maybe that’s just times way of telling me that this blase period in my life right now could use some speeding up.  Why wait?  Onwards!

On a much more delightful note, my skinny jeans fit again.  No, not those skinny jeans.  The skinny jeans I gave up on last year and handed them off to my much younger sister.  Yes, those ones.  They fit!!!  And – !!! – I can stick an extra couple fingers in the waist band.  I’m not sure how this is all possible, I swear little sister stretched them out.  She must have.  Only a few months ago those skinny jeans would not even fit past my knees – I swear.  I rarely buy designer jeans at full price and those were a newer pair I was most certainly not ready to pass on.  But I did.  And they’re back.  I’ve ‘borrowed’ them from my sister again and they’ve not made a nice home on my foot of my bed so I can keep looking at them.

How small are your skinny jeans?

The television is on, but I have no love for it anymore.  My new love is my Macbook, my blog, and yours.  It is the pictures, the recipes, the ideas, and the motivation to: organize, collect, create, DO, DO, DO!  Where I started today – you think my head would be aching right now from all the Monitor-ness of my Tuesday.  Yes – my brain is tapping on my skull, telling me that it is tired and doesn’t wish to read, or type or look at a screen anymore.  But the other half of my brain is yelling MORE, MORE , MORE!  Besides, there is more education available on my blog, and yours, than on MTV.  Anyone beg to differ?  I didn’t think so.  Go Jersey Shore!

Boyfriend went to play hockey this evening, and I’ve been at home enjoying the quiet and relaxation – and ability to read blogs for as long as I want.  Surprisingly, he called me and actually asked me if he could play for an hour or two longer.  I was slightly shocked, as this is a pretty new relationship, though a real and strong one.  Anyways, so now that Boyfriend is out playing with his boys and their hockey toys for a few hours longer, I decided to write a post and try to get some pics in too, because they are so much fun.  (The pics.) 🙂

My good friend Mishk and I have decided to see a psychic as soon as possible.  Hopefully this week if I can get the number off another friend and book our appointments.  I know what you’re probably thinking.
A) You’re thinking I’m silly and am paying people to be vague and compliment me or tell me my life is going to be fabulous
B) You’re thinking I’m silly and am paying people to be vague and tell me I am in great danger, or that my life is going to shambles.
C) You’re thinking that if you message me right now, you might catch me before I book my appointment, so you can tell me what a great psychic you are and that you will give me a reading half price.  Today’s special.

I want to go see a psychic because this point in my life feels so dramatic, so fast, and so important that I really don’t want to miss a thing.  I hate forgetting things – but that’s another story for another time.
At this point in my life, I’m curious about my career path – since I have mentioned my last appointment with a guidance councellor was grade eight.  I’m curious about my path overall, if I am taking the right one.  And of course I’m curious about the one I’m with – but I’ve told Mishk I am going to have to leave that one up to the stars.  I mean, unless the psychic blantantly comes out and tells me Boyfriend is or isn’t the right one for me.
Regardless of the outcome, I will still strive for the best, the only options.  I’m hoping the psychic trip will literally just boost my mojo and give me some motivation to get through this hot-as-hell summer and onto a nice comfy winter with my lover and my best friend.

I have spent some time researching vintage jewellery and clothing on
Even though these are not mine – yet – I love them.  They are my favourite pants.  I would wear them for days, and eventually have them in every colour and pattern. Oh, glorious short-pants.

Did I also mention that I have been trying to enjoy a coke this entire time and have not been able to enjoy it because it is SO HOT in Toronto that my coke will not keep cold – even with ice cubes. is like an ‘ebay’ for local, homemade, or vintage items.  In other words, my heaven.  I feel like my mojo went up already, never mind the psychic.  Yes – I do dabble in the homemade-ness.  Love it.  However, I don’t find myself dabbling in it much.  Last Christmas, I asked for a sewing machine – and received it!  Unfortunately, the only thing I have made since Christmas 2009 has been a no-sew tutu, and obviously – it was no-sew.  Peeking around at others blogs has motivated me to create, how easy it gets and how addictive once you get started.  I have a sewing room, set up and ready to go. It really is my little place of creativity.  Why oh why don’t I spend more quality time in there?  That is going to be my goal of the month.  And pics of my space to come!  And of tutu’s too.

My tutu and I

My tutu and I in all our glory

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