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Christmas cookies

Old fashioned sugar cookies, cinnamon sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookie bars, brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  Where are all the ginger snaps?

Whole wheat and flax shortbread shown below


For recipes, comment:)


Cream of chicken and corn soup

Comment for recipe.

Cream soup.  Enough said.

They are easily my favourite and I could live off these all winter long.  Maybe even all year long.

It was even better the second day.

Curry and then some

Of course I brought back spices from Jamaica.  And since we’re going back I am sure to bring more in a week, or two.

This is some homemade chicken curry soup with spinach and potatoes.  Delicious.

Macaroni and cheese to please

This is some extremely cheesy macaroni and cheese I made – out of craving.

If anyone would like the recipe,  comment and I will share.

Since I always make so much of everything, there are always leftovers.

I decided to cut up so broccoli and make a casserole out of the mac and cheese leftovers.  Everyone enjoyed and it was definitely edible and delish.

Bon apetit!

Quick wraps for lunch or any time!

Wraps are fabulous because you can make them any way you like and the toppings for inside are endless.

This morning I made a breakfast wrap specializing in eggs, marinara sauce, cheese and salsa.  My twelve year old newly vegetarian sister would approve of this and it’s green spinach wrap.

Tim Horton’s introduces Mac and Cheese in Buffalo

Survey says….. Not so good.


Pizza pies to the skies

I can’t stop making it.  Thin whole wheat crust with a low fat marinara sauce and mixed melted cheeses.  And not just any marinara sauce either, but only the best.  Comment if you’d like the secret.