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Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – M.M.

The Master Cleanse; three day lemon diet

This lemon cleanse is not necessarily taken for losing weight, but to keep your body functioning at it’s best.  Cleansing out all the toxins from the pollution, stress and additives in the food we eat every day.

I’m starting day 1 tomorrow and I have never done a cleanse or not eaten anything but liquids for more than a day (probably because of illness).  It is going to be a huge challenge to complete the entire three days.

During the three days I am going to try to keep myself as busy as possible, while also incorporating healthier ways to live so that once the cleanse is done I can live healthier every day and have more of a routine.

Not only am I partaking in this challenge, but my boyfriend is as well.  And our dogs are getting a specially tuned routine just for us as well.  I am hoping that once this cleanse is over we will have the foundation for a good healthy start and routine.

Feel free to comment or send a message if you have done this cleanse before or are interested in more details before trying it.


  Kary wrote @

Hi….I’m doing the MC as well. If you’d like to read how I’m doing you can find me over at

GOOD LUCK! It’s really not as hard as you think.

  That Writing Chic wrote @

I’ve done the Master Cleanse before, but, you’ve inspired me to do it again. Going to start after Sunday dinner 🙂 LOVE THE LOOK OF YOUR BLOG!

  Amber wrote @

Wooo! Way to go! I suggest doing the Ease in and Ease out process with the days of soups and orange juice. I rushed into a 3 day lemonade fast and failed the first night I was SO hungry!

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