The Life in my Stilettos

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – M.M.

Master Cleanse; failed attempt #1

Maybe it just isn’t for me.

It wasn’t even supposed to be for a diet, any ways.  I succumbed to salmon, creamy leek soup and home made chocolate chip cookies.

There is a home made cheesecake in the fridge, too.  I made it last week before I left for Jamaica and surprisingly there is still half left.  I made the graham cracker crust extra thick, too.  Just the way I like it.

Instead of drinking lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup today, I enjoyed a light low-fat omelet for breakfast.  And before my walk with the dogs I went to Oceans and spent half as much money as I normally would have on veggies, fruits and fish.

I got red peppers, asparagus, brussel sprouts (on request), blackberries, garlic, halibut, corn, spinach and lot’s more for only fifteen dollars.
These, and the staples I have at home should provide more than enough food for the rest of the week and I’m being frugal about it.

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