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Silicea. Discover Europe’s #1 supplement for healthy hair, skin and nails…?

I will be testing the natural supplement “Silicea” for 4 -6 months this year.  I started taking the supplement yesterday.  It is a clear gel like formula that can be mixed with tea, water or juice.  I take a tablespoon a day and have been mixing it in bottles of water with a crystal light, as the texture is a little funny.

Please comment if you have taken Silicea, take it or are interested in doing so.




Master Cleanse; failed attempt #1

Maybe it just isn’t for me.

It wasn’t even supposed to be for a diet, any ways.  I succumbed to salmon, creamy leek soup and home made chocolate chip cookies.

There is a home made cheesecake in the fridge, too.  I made it last week before I left for Jamaica and surprisingly there is still half left.  I made the graham cracker crust extra thick, too.  Just the way I like it.

Instead of drinking lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup today, I enjoyed a light low-fat omelet for breakfast.  And before my walk with the dogs I went to Oceans and spent half as much money as I normally would have on veggies, fruits and fish.

I got red peppers, asparagus, brussel sprouts (on request), blackberries, garlic, halibut, corn, spinach and lot’s more for only fifteen dollars.
These, and the staples I have at home should provide more than enough food for the rest of the week and I’m being frugal about it.

The Master Cleanse; three day lemon diet

This lemon cleanse is not necessarily taken for losing weight, but to keep your body functioning at it’s best.  Cleansing out all the toxins from the pollution, stress and additives in the food we eat every day.

I’m starting day 1 tomorrow and I have never done a cleanse or not eaten anything but liquids for more than a day (probably because of illness).  It is going to be a huge challenge to complete the entire three days.

During the three days I am going to try to keep myself as busy as possible, while also incorporating healthier ways to live so that once the cleanse is done I can live healthier every day and have more of a routine.

Not only am I partaking in this challenge, but my boyfriend is as well.  And our dogs are getting a specially tuned routine just for us as well.  I am hoping that once this cleanse is over we will have the foundation for a good healthy start and routine.

Feel free to comment or send a message if you have done this cleanse before or are interested in more details before trying it.


My first new pair of trainers in a long time and here they are! Reebok Reetones.  Does anyone know if they actually work?
If so, how much do you think I’d have to walk a day to see a difference?

Unfortunately, I won’t be putting them to the test until summer time.

Curry and then some

Of course I brought back spices from Jamaica.  And since we’re going back I am sure to bring more in a week, or two.

This is some homemade chicken curry soup with spinach and potatoes.  Delicious.

Hot chocolate-covered strawberries

I’m currently reading ‘Little Earthquakes’ by Jennifer Weiner

Sweet and sticky cupcakes

I got this recipe off of the food network dot com – and although it was not for sweet and sticky, I only used the vanilla cupcake recipe from the site.  The rest was innovated from a lovely cupcake shoppe downtown.  I used what was handy.  Including dulce de leche icing, vanilla cake from scratch – although I found the recipe to be way too cakey, and I was not the only one.