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Brampton’s ‘Poutine’

Today I decided to try Brampton’s new poutinerie “Poutine”.

I ordered the “big” poutine with montreal smoked meat.



Montreal Poutine to die for.

“Busy Day” Cake

Because I was bored, hungry and always love cake, I found this recipe in my favourite cook book.

Mixing one and a half cups of all purpose flour, two thirds a cup of granulated sugar, and two teaspoons of baking powder first, I then added the wet ingredients of two thirds a cup of milk, one teaspoon of vanilla, one egg and a quarter cup of butter, softened.  I blended these ingredients and set my oven to 350 degrees.

I spread my mixture onto a greased pan and put into the oven.

When it came out I covered it in fresh mixed berries and had a minimum of two slices.

Happy Friday!

Healthy soup

My new favourite from India.  Bought at my local supermarket.

Fabulous Key Lime Pie

I started using a recipe by a well known t.v. chef, but then decided to use another when I realized I only had half the amount of Condensed Milk his recipe called for.  (Always good to check measurements prior to shopping for ingredients.)
After shuffling through several recipes that just seemed to contradict each other, and decided I did not want a whipped cream topping on my pie, I decided to wing it.


I used a large round pie pan and crushed one and a half cups of graham crackers with a heavy glass cup.
mixed in half a cup of unsalted butter and quarter of a cup of white granulated sugar.
I mixed this all in my pie plate and used my glass to create a firm crust.

I set the oven for 375 degrees and put my crust in for 20 minutes (rotating at half point) and setting aside to cool when done.
I turned my oven to 320 degrees after for the filling.


In a large mixing bowl, I mixed 2 cans of 300ml Condensed Cream (Grace brand – I love Grace products), 2 whole eggs, and one cup of lime juice. I beat for a couple minutes until it looked creamy and filled my graham cracker crust.

I stuck it in the oven for another twenty minutes, rotating at ten minutes again.


While my pie was baking, I used a grater to grate off the zest of half of a lime.  You can use a whole one.. I will next time.

When the pie came out of the oven, I used this zest to sprinkle on top of the pie before putting it in the fridge to cool.

Who knew it would taste as good as it did?

And with only a few ingredients (shown below – minus the sour cream which I opted not to use last minute as a topping).

Silicea. Discover Europe’s #1 supplement for healthy hair, skin and nails…?

I will be testing the natural supplement “Silicea” for 4 -6 months this year.  I started taking the supplement yesterday.  It is a clear gel like formula that can be mixed with tea, water or juice.  I take a tablespoon a day and have been mixing it in bottles of water with a crystal light, as the texture is a little funny.

Please comment if you have taken Silicea, take it or are interested in doing so.



Blood Oranges. An old favourite.