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My garden


In my garden…

Three Raspberry bushes, two blueberry bushes, one blackberry bush.  One Gooseberry bush, and a Red Currant bush.  Concord Grapes have also found their way into the garden.  Two strawberry bushes, one hanging, and another buried deep into the soil.
Dozens of peppers are found in my garden.  Habañeros, Jalapeños, Cubañeros, Hungarian Wax, and Green Bell peppers.
Brandywine tomatoes litter the garden, some Cherry tomatoes and more Brandywine, due to a mishap at the nursery.  Growing beautifully are six Purple Cabbage plants, beautiful and purple.  Red onions, though I’m not sure what to make of those thus yet.  And a Big Max Pumpkin – which literally is BIG MAX.  Though the pumpkins themselves have not begun to grow.  One Honey Dew melon plant grows, and I think about the plants I will try to raise next summer, zucchini, green lettuce, spinach, watermelon, different types of herbs and spices in a window box…. definitely some regular tomatoes, and loads more.  I could easily be a farm girl.  Or a city girl – as long as I have some big pots for peppers and tomatoes and some beautiful flowers on my balcony.

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My weekend

Cucumbers, shrimp, garlic, butter, and some pepper

Delicious sauce for pasta

Newest addition: Lilies

Sushi avec moi and a book

Don't forget the Edamame - and seconds!

Purple cabbage

Big Max, my pumpkin

Homemade chicken fingers on the barbie

Rainy days make my garden happy

A place I like to go

Bits & bites

I tried to sew my own pair of leggings.  I tried, I swear.
Once I had perfected one leg, the machine broke and I haven’t been able to get the stitching to “sew”.
So off to Marciano I went and bought two pairs of leggings on sale for twenty dollars each.  In my world, that’s a bargain.

Moo has been escaping from the back yard, and running as quickly down my street as he can.  Boyfriend fixed the fences today to avoid any more of this but who knows.. who really knows.  Something the size of a large rat is bound to find a way out somehow.  Also, I am still working on housebreaking him.  Even though he knows where he should and shouldn’t go, he is spoiled, stubborn and definitely not neutered which may not be helping.  We’ve also moved a few times since Moo came into my life.  If any one has tips regarding small rat like dogs and training, please advise!

My garden looks excellent.  It’s growing and growing, and I am beginning to wonder if I am going to need to extend the vegetable garden as the peppers, pumpkins and cabbage may just overflow by September/October.
This weekend, Boyfriend and I are going to garden, and clean out the garage in hopes of fresh storage and beautiful landscaping.  NEW PICS COMING SOON!

Two weeks ago, we were thrilled to go to an absolutely lovely backyard party, fully equipped with palm trees the size of the house, an open bar and buffet, and deejays.
Somehow, Boyfriend ended up manning the BBQ towards the end of the night. I think he grilled an entire tub of chicken. Sounds gross but it was DEE-LISH!
Thanks Laura and Akhil for inviting us to your home! We had an awesome time!

And, just for fun – some pics of the Korean BBQ Boyfriend and I love to get downtown at Yummies.

Heat wave

It is hot out.  That is an understatement – it is grossly humid and rather pathetic that there is no air conditioning in my old VW. Why not? Don’t ask me.  It was winter time when I bought my car and heat was the only thing that I’d bothered making sure worked – oh – and the cigarette lighter. Now that I’ve quit smoking, air conditioning seems so much more useful than the lighter.

Yesterday the Blue Hurricanes made an appearance, and they left the building rather quickly, as all of the adults thoroughly enjoyed them.  And you could tell which kid tried to dip into the bucket as your mouth, and fingers stained electric blue almost instantly.  I didn’t get to take any pictures – as they were gone way too quickly.  But I did slice up some peaches, lemons, limes and strawberries to top the drinks with – and they never made it to fancy martini glasses.  Oh well.  Mom especially liked the drinks. What a surprise!  She even told me I had to get back to the store to re-up.

I have spent most of the day researching education, automobiles and career paths.  The options are endless, and the advice is double-sided. The pros and cons go on forever – but in the end the choices are mine.

The options and information available for young adults looking for answers in life are endless, and will keep coming I’m sure.  However finding it seems to be a bit of an issue.  Looking for it can be time consuming, since all of the right information seems to be placed in the silliest places on the web, or around your community.  Nothing is in one spot to make things easy.  Gone are the guidance counselors of high school to guide us through our choices, one by one.  We turn to people like psychics, financial advisers, and friends.  Our parents advice is running out, as they will love you selflessly for the rest of your life no matter who or what you become.  So, we roam the planet looking for ourselves and the path that we were supposed to take.  Just how to know once we’re getting there, is the question.

This week the sun will be bright, and hot. The only things in my life that will benefit are my swimming pool, and my vegetable garden.  Bring on the heat wave.

Book Club:

Rich Dad Poor Dad
The Alchemist
Rich By Thirty

Summer fun

And with Canada day came days and days of gardening.
Cutting down some pesky trees, later used as fire wood.  Trimming of shrubs and extremely large bushes – ones I would actually classify as trees.  The cleaning and heating of the swimming pool.

Yesterday we turned the back yard into half of the paradise I’d ever imagined it to be.  No, it’s not done yet.  Is anything ever really done?  But it looks damn good.

After gardening, enjoying a sausage BBQ, and gardening some more, I retreated to the kitchen and made Blue Hurricane slushy alcoholic drinks.  With lots of rum from Cuba.  They weren’t ready yesterday – but I have a feeling, a large itch that they are ready and waiting for cool glasses and some sliced fruit.  Of course, after making the drinks and realizing they would take 24 hours to be ready, I started gardening again and decided to go buy a fire pit, along with some top soil.  I found a cute round shaped fire pit at a store for under 60 dollars.  It should last a long time.  I think I did good.
After all of that gardening and shopping, I decided a steak BBQ was a must and I marinated two of the best steaks I have ever made.  Thank goodness Boyfriend likes them as rare as I do.  See pictures, and please don’t be scared of the blood.

Steak dinner

It was cooked, I swear

Luckily, my back yard has a small path-like forest running through the back of it so we were able to find lots of different brush to use for our fire.  Even though we ate way too many sausages, hot dogs, steaks and s’mores last night it was worth it.  So worth it.  Moo loved it too.  We all stayed up later that I’ve stayed up in a while.  I let Mooshi eat some of the steak, and he had a small piece of bread from the sausage barbie.

Marshmellows and wood.

Love roasting marshmellows and hot dogs.

And when it came down to the s’mores, we enjoyed this chocolate the best.  I bought every different bar of chocolate in Cuba, because I like candy and I had several in the freezer and we tested them all in s’mores.  So winner of the bunch is the dark cacao chocolate!

Chocolate negro

Torra's dark chocolate

Today there will be a fam jam at my house, and I will write another blog later this afternoon on the Blue Hurricanes and whatever else pops up at the fam jam.  I am guessing something about child safety near the pool.  Or top ten ways to get a child to stop running around the pool. Cheerio!

Proud to be

Today is Canada Day.

Perhaps, in small proudness of the soil it is planted in, one of my jalapeno pepper plants grew a pepper.

The pepper is small, miraculously small considering I used Miracle Gro last week – but nevertheless – it is a pepper.  The first somewhatly edible food yet to sprout in my garden.


Jalapeno pepper

Q: How much direct hot sun do my veggies and flowers need?

Looking around the garden at some of my other flowers, I decided the Celosia was my favourite.  I *think* it is a perennial.

& Moo

Celosia & Moo

For the rest of the day, I will be organizing the kitchen cupboards, and doing lots of loads of laundry.  But who doesn’t love fresh linens.  And I love days off 🙂