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Cheers from Fancy & Mooshi

and I’m off to Jamaica for another week!


Walks tire ALL children out

she’s Fancy, huh?

Meet Fancy, the newest addition to the family.


Cute dog at the pet store.

A kitten named Wilma.

Casey’s kitty.  Being a cat in a basket.

My Mooshi, and my purple nails.

It’s not a diaper, it’s a wrap.

Yes, I made him do it.

Introducing … the male wrap for dogs.

This is supposed to aid in territorial marking and excitable accidents.  Has anyone tried these things before?  Too weird.  I’m just sick of cleaning up the mess.  And I refuse to cut his little balls off.

Bits & bites

I tried to sew my own pair of leggings.  I tried, I swear.
Once I had perfected one leg, the machine broke and I haven’t been able to get the stitching to “sew”.
So off to Marciano I went and bought two pairs of leggings on sale for twenty dollars each.  In my world, that’s a bargain.

Moo has been escaping from the back yard, and running as quickly down my street as he can.  Boyfriend fixed the fences today to avoid any more of this but who knows.. who really knows.  Something the size of a large rat is bound to find a way out somehow.  Also, I am still working on housebreaking him.  Even though he knows where he should and shouldn’t go, he is spoiled, stubborn and definitely not neutered which may not be helping.  We’ve also moved a few times since Moo came into my life.  If any one has tips regarding small rat like dogs and training, please advise!

My garden looks excellent.  It’s growing and growing, and I am beginning to wonder if I am going to need to extend the vegetable garden as the peppers, pumpkins and cabbage may just overflow by September/October.
This weekend, Boyfriend and I are going to garden, and clean out the garage in hopes of fresh storage and beautiful landscaping.  NEW PICS COMING SOON!

Two weeks ago, we were thrilled to go to an absolutely lovely backyard party, fully equipped with palm trees the size of the house, an open bar and buffet, and deejays.
Somehow, Boyfriend ended up manning the BBQ towards the end of the night. I think he grilled an entire tub of chicken. Sounds gross but it was DEE-LISH!
Thanks Laura and Akhil for inviting us to your home! We had an awesome time!

And, just for fun – some pics of the Korean BBQ Boyfriend and I love to get downtown at Yummies.

Moo’s food

My dog, Mooshi, absolutely loves watermelon.

Q: What type of food do you give your pet, anything special?

I like to give my Mooshi chicken and eggs sans any seasoning, salt, or onions.  He loves fruits and veggies but we steer clear of grapes or raisins, onions and processed foods.