The Life in my Stilettos

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – M.M.


One day, you will be mine.


Silicea. Discover Europe’s #1 supplement for healthy hair, skin and nails…?

I will be testing the natural supplement “Silicea” for 4 -6 months this year.  I started taking the supplement yesterday.  It is a clear gel like formula that can be mixed with tea, water or juice.  I take a tablespoon a day and have been mixing it in bottles of water with a crystal light, as the texture is a little funny.

Please comment if you have taken Silicea, take it or are interested in doing so.



Blood Oranges. An old favourite.

Happy Valentines Day

New camera, new year, new pictures.

Making macarons

Does any body have any slightly fool proof recipes for french macarons?


Here are a few I have found online… I will be testing some at the end of the week.

Krabby Patties

Things that make me grateful #3

Positiveness, confidence and optimism.

Things that make me grateful #2

My friends, my girls, my soulmates.