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Finally Friday


She’s back

Maybe I’m not back entirely – my head is killing me.  My eyes can barely focus on the screen, and I absolutely cannot wait until the work day is over – but it’s only Monday.

I’ve already edited an entire t0-do list with twenty things on it.  Ryan’s always telling me to make a list and we’ll knock things off of it.  So maybe this will be a start to getting a crap load of things completed.

Tonight I plan on cooking perogies and making brussel sprouts and homemade guacamole.  However, I have no tortilla chips so I’m curious to see how far this guacamole is going to go.  Even though it’s only Monday, perhaps it is time to bring out the tub of Blue Hurricane juice and add some Santiago Rum, straight from Cuba to it.  Make some slushies for dinner.  I’m sure that will help my headache go away.

Number twenty one on my list.  Find a part-time job.  I know I really don’t want one.  I wish that my boyfriend’s job covered both my dream for a part time income to go with my full time salary as well as his own.  I don’t know if I’m going to have enough time for myself if I find a second job.  But will it matter?
I know that I want certain things, and to save up for other certain things – how to get there?

Oh, what a headache I have.  4 more hours to go.

Did I mention I am missing lobster in Cuba like a fat kid misses…well you know.