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she’s Fancy, huh?

Meet Fancy, the newest addition to the family.


I could eat this breakfast every day, all summer.

What do you eat for breakfast every day?  And what do you take to work for lunch that is fast, easy, healthy, and leaves you wanting more??

Do you know the muffin man?

I do!

Lulu’s finally came!

Sooo.. I decided to become Molly Steward and bake some strawberry pies…

Saturday morning

Less stress and new routines

I found this helpful article online.  It looks like just the thing I have been looking for to help me get all of my tasks and appointments into an ever-going action.

Click here to read the article.

It is super difficult (for moi)  to find articles online that actually give useful information (that pertains to me, and my lifestyle) that I can put to use every single day, and finding this was almost a godsend, so I am putting it to test for …let’s say a month, and I will follow up with my review.

If you look, you shall find…

If you have any interesting, ways to organize your life that work, please take a moment to briefly write about it below in the comment section.

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